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Making it as a writer and researcher isn't easy, especially if you start from scratch and want to keep some independence. I figured that I had to start building skills, credibility and a portfolio. I trust, by now, you've become somewhat familiar with my work, why else would you be here? I'm currently working on my fourth book and I am also pitching essays to international magazines and newspapers.

Since my area of expertise is in a niche-market I don't sell a lot of books and articles. In fact, I've only once managed to earn something that looks like a monthly living wage. And that's why I am writing this page.

About us, I am married to Lea, a physical therapist, we have two boys, Huub and Loek, and we live in Geleen, which is a small industrial town in the south of the Netherlands.

If you ask what my motivation is, I will tell you that I want to leave this planet a better place than I found it for the love of all the beautiful creatures that live on it, but particularly for these three.

 So how can you help me and my family?

  1. Donate via PayPal (yes that button below is real and legit)

  2. I am a writer and a researcher, HIRE ME!
    My main areas of expertise are writing about [Nuclear] Energy; Climate Change; and
    writing polemics on Politics and Social Issues. Additionally, I am skilled at performing sum-total energy calculations and performing analyses on material usage in energy production.

    Seriously, I want to do important stuff : e-mail me at fscthies [at]
    I can also help you with formatting, proofreading, and editing.
  3. Buy my books at amazon
  4. Donate my books to your local library
  5. Give them to relevant people who might be able to help it get a broader audience
  6. Make sure my books get reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, and newspapers.
  7. I would love to work with a publicist, and give him/her a cut of the profit when published

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