Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Atheist strikes back

Since it is related to my writing and my activism plus a lot of people tend to make religious remarks on LinkedIn and Facebook and make a virtue out of sharing pseudo scientific memes, I take the liberty to share with you one hundred advocates for reason.

100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God

It might seem pugnacious or strident, but being proselytized to by people who do not accept any form of reason is quite irritating and does illicit a response from me. Today I witnessed a couple of people showing clear signs of faith, belief without evidence in a dogmatic way.

They told me that they wouldn't lower themselves to my level to discuss the matter with me, they even told me, that they loved me. It's this kind of condescension that makes my blood boil.

What set it off? You might ask, well it was THIS

The people of Nepal are in dire need of shelter, water, food, blankets and medicine. Why are some of these Christians proselytizing to them on the internet? There's a guy in there trying to convince the viewer that the second coming of Christ is at hand, and we should all repent and convert to Christianity.


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