Sunday, May 31, 2015

What drives me

Life is ending, there is no afterlife, life is meaningless, there is no purpose and yet here we are. What to do with our precious spark of life? I am an Atheist, an Anti-Theist and openly secular. This might give you a sense of where I am coming from. Despite being able to thank my parents for my existence, my existence in particular is incredibly fortunate, Richard Dawkins tells in "Climbing Mount Improbable" that the probability of me being here, in contrast to the stupefying amount of different individuals is incredibly small, yet here I am. Thanks mom and dad for starting this stupendous tombola at precisely the right moment!

Let's make the most out of the life we have been given.

So what brings me to writing about science, technology, ecology and human affairs [especially religion]? Looking around me, listening to the news, and reading publications on the internet have led me to accept some horrible truths about the current situation on the world. Our civilization is incredibly destructive. Lets face it, we break the earth, dig into it, explode parts of it, pump stuff up, burn stuff, destroy forests, destroy habitats, kill animals and last but certainly not least kill each other.

I think we as a human civilization can become much better, much more peaceful, much more in tune with each other and with the Earth and it's ecosystem.

What drives me?
  • I am an Atheist and an Anti-Theist (yes the two are not the same)
  • I am openly Secular
  • I don't believe in god or gods and do not accept any religion to be true, nor be credible codes to live by
  • Morality is an innate concept, we are moral by nature
  • I work against religion, I want it to go extinct or at least become a very marginal activity
  • I accept the science about climate change
  • I am optimistic about science and reason and foster a love for it
  • I love cosmology and biology
  • I love space exploration
  • I want to promote nuclear energy [fusion and fission] as a means to solve our energy problems and to propel humanity into a future of plenty and amazing discoveries
  • To help people look at renewable energy with a sceptical mind, they are not as green as advertised
  • Anyone and everyone should have access to top notch education
  • Everyone should have access to the best possible medical facilities free of charge
  • We work to better ourselves and our civilization
  • I don't like capitalism nor communism, I want the "Star Trek" future
  • We have no need for "supreme leaders"
  • I am opposed to owning guns, these things are designed for a single purpose, it is no coincidence that countries where a lot of guns are owned, also have a lot of gun related deaths, something about causation - correlation...
  • I am not a pacifist
  • I am an avid support of reforestation and forest conservation efforts
These drivers help me find something to write every day, it helps me think about interesting things every day and helps me go out and find new knowledge every day. It's this hunger for knowledge and the lust to share it that I hope others have as well, and from a brief look around on the internet it seems that it is and that's good!

We are explorers, during explorations we make amazing discoveries. I want US [human civilization] to do cool things, no more stifling geopolitics, no more budget strains, I want us to simply do stuff because its awesome!

This is also the premise of the book that I'm currently pitching, hoping to find an agent that wants to help me sell the book.

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