Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let's keep a very thick wall of separation between religion and politics and especially schools.

Religion, the three monotheistic ones in particular are very harmful to humanity. I am fortunate to have been born and raised in a secular country where non-belief is probably far more pervasive than religiosity. However this does not mean that all is hokey pokey, we're not an isolationist country, we're open to the world, we have an excellent free press and we get the news from all around the world. And the news that comes in from all over the globe paints a gloomy picture.

Let me kick off with the notion that all religion and god-based ideologies are untrue. I dare to assert that religion and god-hypotheses are man-made. Our inability to understand the natural world around us has spawned thousands of gods and religions. I'm quite simplistic and nihilistic in this regard, there's no truth to be found in the god-hypotheses. I can go into an Hitchens-esque argument but that would be to cumbersome at this moment. I'll leave you with some of his work once I'm done.

I could talk about terrorism and the many other atrocities precipitated by human nature justified by religious scripture, I'll reserve that for another time.

What I want to address in this article is the influence religious people want to exert, the trampling of other faiths in favour of their own. The hypocrisy, the selfishness, the greed but more accurately the tribalism. It's religious adherence and religiously induced xenophobia that increases the divides.

One of the things that bothers me in particular is what is going on in the United States. Fundamental Christians are putting up a fight against the propagation of true scientific subjects like Darwinian Evolution, Anthropogenic Climate Change, deep time scales in Cosmology, and sex education for instance.

People in government like Ted Cruz actually want to shut down or defund NASA's Earth observation capabilities. Now coming from where I stand, having a firm understanding of the messages conveyed to us by countless scientists over the world, this is a ridiculous stupidity, not only is Ted Cruz mortgaging the future of our children, he wants us to walk blindly into oblivion. But then again, he is a true believer, he is absolutely convinced that "his god" is the right god and will set things right. A more ignorant and stupid stance on the natural world around is nigh impossible. It is absolute unacceptable that these kind of people get [s]elected for seats of power and influence. This fool is a presidential candidate!!!!

Then  there is the "Creationist" camp, the camp that used to be the "intelligent design" camp. These people believe the bible to the letter. They really believe in Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, The six day Earth Creation fantasy and that our planet is just 6000 years old. Even though it is quite silly to believe this story, there are millions of people who do so. Even worse, there are people in seats of power and influence that have the audacity to get this crazy nonsense into the classrooms in favour of the Theory of Evolution.  Now this cuts the cake... Pseudoscientific nonsense is being taught over proper science.

And if they [the creationists] are being confronted with these issues they actually conjure up a multitude of falsehoods, look for instance at the millions of sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon, something which is a clear sign that we are talking about millions of years and not of thousands or hundreds of years, these people actually believe that this has come to be over a minute timescale, One flood would have carved out the entire Grand Canyon... And  the other ridiculous notion is that we've co-existed with carnivorous dinosaurs and Trilobites... Frontrunners for this pseudoscientific movement are Ken Ham, Mike Huckabee, Bill o' Reilly, the hovinds, Ben Stein, Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort,William Lane Craig, Chuck Norris, Ted haggard, and the Duggar family (one of whom recently under fire for disgusting sexual acts).

They throw overboard solid science about the nucleus and nuclear decay, geology, deep time, cosmology, and biology. Everything they do is directly in the face of all the evidence. It is questionable whether these people will learn. But one thing is certain, we need to keep this nonsense out of the schools. The only way this deserves a spot in the school curriculum is if you do a History lesson on comparative religions and their influence on savage age human beings (up until now...).

Let's be honest, there are a multitude of religions that make unsubstantiated claims about the "creation of the Universe and the Earth" : Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, all have their own fables and myths on how the Earth and Humanity has been created. None of these are true.

Now to defeat this, we have to kick creationism out of schools, there's no question about it. Creationism is as ridiculous as Alchemy, Astrology and Divination. We don't see those "subjects" in the school curriculums, do we?

The last thing I will address in this piece of polemic crap is that I will show no respect to any religion or religious practice. I am all for a secular state in which everyone can hold their own beliefs if they want to, but I'm not going to respect any of it. Simply because they are founded on falsehoods and open the door to even more specious practices that we absolutely have to get rid off. Once you grant someone a single part of his religious customs, you cannot be selective about the rest. And the same goes for the religious that cherry pick their own religion and still behold it as true and absolute, this is nonsense and it is high time that we start addressing these issues. Why? Simple, because "they" are pushing for theocracy and the expulsion of science and this is something we cannot possibly tolerate nor accept.

As Hitchens used to say "You can't have it a la carte."

Creationists believe in the savage age slapstick : "sorry Abe, god was just kidding, you don't have to kill your son..."


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