Monday, September 7, 2015

Highway to Dystopia is now available on Amazon

Earlier this year I started writing about some serious issues that kept clouding my mind. I was concerned about Anthropogenic Climate Change and how it all tied together with our consumption patterns, politics, religion, and technology. So I embarked on a quest for knowledge and understanding. This is not the book of an expect claiming to have all the knowledge, no... This is a book contrived by a concerned higher primate, living on that pale blue dot we call Earth.

People will accuse me of fear-mongering, or painting the future using an apocalyptic brush, that's ok. I don't mind being a whistle blower. I suspect that my tiny whistle may not even reach the pitch of those environmentalists who have the big bucks and push an ideology that more often than not contradicts itself.

This book addresses "taboos" from Religion to Nuclear Energy, expect to be surprised. Nothing is sacrosanct. Everything will be discussed, how offensive or scary it might be. The truth can only be found by overstepping the invisible lines of social Pravda mechanics.

An inquest into a variety of topics has led me to insights that helped me form conclusions that are unpopular, to hell with it... Things have to change. "Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood" as the wise and extremely intelligent Madame Curie shared with us.

Highway to Dystopia is available on

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I've put together an appendix of listening, viewing and reading recommendations, which by itself is a treasure of information and leads to renewed insights.

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