Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The bread and butter for any writer : REVIEWS

Let's break the spell a little. For an unpublished Indie author, everything depends on your own actions. No matter how good the book is (which I will not claim for myself), if you can't create any buzz you won't sell any copies.

I've chosen the path of engagement, not blatant sales-pushing. I want to connect with people, share ideas, make them think. I often find myself at odds with people but that doesn't mean I don't value their opinions, why? Because they challenge me, they make me think. Even if I won't change my mind.

This is the same reason why I've written the book, and the way I've written it. I wanted to challenge the reader, make the reader see how big our problem really is. It goes far beyond our technological push, it involves many facets of our society. That said, I do think that this problem of ours is mainly a technological one, one we can fix using nuclear energy and a couple of other technological advancements that will A. free us of pollution and B. stop the destruction and C. make this world a better place for all.

Since I've released the book last December I've sold about 65 copies. I would love for you to leave a review. I am not a wealthy man. Since I am chronically depressed I can't perform day to day duties and routines. I can however write, which is something I love and something that helps me organize my mind and helps me find out more stuff about the world. I would also love to know what your thoughts on the book are. It's not just a small token, because for me, when I see that someone did the effort of writing a review and giving it a rating, it gives me something to smile about during the dark and murky days of self-doubt and gloom. (did anyone of you guess???)

I've sent out countless of copies to newspapers, websites and people that inspired me to start writing in the first place. Unfortunately sending books to people - unsolicited - doesn't elicit a response at all. I don't know what happened to them, perhaps they have been thrown into the bin? At least I've learned that this doesn't work, at all.

I've started writing a second book which is more focused on energy and I intend to keep writing after that one's finished as well. Who knows, I might be able to scratch it together one day and have a life of plenty (not for me, but mainly for my wife and kids).

Your review is of tremendous value to me! It will help the book get out of obscurity!

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Whenever you read any book by any author help them on their way by giving them something small back! A review is the best token of appreciation you can give them!


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