Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some setbacks in writing and the finishing touches

The past months I've been working on a new book called Science a la carte. First draft was finished about three weeks ago, I had it proofread once and figured that it needed some extra tender loving care. So I passed it around and one of my smartest friends was gracious enough to offer help, which I've accepted. I'm encroaching on his precious time so I can't make any promises as to when it will be finished, but I am confident that it will be soon. Also, I'm currently taking care of my wife whom has had a medical procedure, so it might take a little longer than I initially thought.

The back-cover blurb :

Are you ready to get your preconceived notions about energy and climate change challenged?

Whether we can alleviate the effects of man-made climate change will be determined by reality, not economics or ideology. Can we do it using solar energy? Or wind power? What about geothermal? Or nuclear energy? To determine what can and cannot be done we have to consider countless of reports shared with us by research institutes from all over the world. To derive some conclusions we have to examine questions grounded in physics and mathematics. In this book we will try to weed out the nonsense and gain a clear perspective on the future of humanity in terms of energy generation and consumption. This is essential because we need to get real if we want to counter the negative effects of climate change.

It is very sad to discover that highly estimable scientists and academics have joined the ranks of the nonsense-peddlers. They should know better, they cannot have their science a la carte. Fallacious mutterings and writings deserve to be scrutinized and if need be criticized. Academic pedigree does not matter. Take nothing at face-value and question everything.

Use your mind!

The cover has been designed by my friend Robyn Gough! 

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