Sunday, July 3, 2016

A call to action!

Let's start with this acknowledgement : I am a transparent guy, I don't hold too many things too close to the chest.

I want to thank those who have rated and reviewed the book, you guys are super and I feel connected to you. We share this concern and actually want to do something about it.

Scott, Tod and George were the first to comment, will you be next?

Science a la carte has been available for a month now and I'm quite pleased because it has been sold 40 times so far, and there are no signs of sales slowing down, yet.

I want to take it to a next level though. This book is better than my first and it deserves more attention. Not for the sake of making money, I wish I could make some money but it probably won't be enough to pay the bills consistently, so this is not my primary aim.

Why would I try to give it more exposure? The book is the amalgamation of my thoughts on energy and climate change, a thought process fuelled by necessity. It has become clear that humanity isn't on board with addressing the issues at hand. We're hopefully divided. There's this contingent of people who are not convinced of the danger anthropogenic activities pose to the future of the biosphere on earth. There's a countermovement that goes overboard on the other hand and is willing to bet all their money on a couple of ineffective measures, claiming that it will "take off" at some point.

The truth is that carbon emissions and their effects are real; that we cannot solve this civilisational conundrum of ours by betting on weak and flimsy technologies.

What we do should be determined by reality and science. We should do the calculations; examine the physics; examine the finite realities of our planet; and stop being blithering buffoons and get on with it.

Science a la carte is specifically aimed at that idea.

> I could use some tips on how to get it reviewed in contemporary and well-read media.
> I could use some help in structuring this attempt to give the book a wider audience.

If you have any ideas or want to help me, send me a personal message or an e-mail.

If you haven't already, check out the reviews, buy the book (it's dirt cheap), review it yourself and share it!

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