Sunday, July 17, 2016

Want to help me out? Post reviews!!!

Writing books is serious business to me. It is about sharing thoughts and trying to help others become more sceptical about truth claims and knowledgeable about our planet. My "activism" has helped me make amazing friends! Some of the smartest people I've ever known. I keep learning every day, and I'm happiest when I'm analysing things, doing calculations, and writing stuff to share with you.

However, it is also a raw deal. Breaking even is hard enough; getting up to a point where you can pay some bills, even harder; and being able to feed the kids, well... That's still way ahead of me.

If you are an indie-author (Independent, non-published) like me, you probably don't have the references and the connections in the right places in order to reach big crowds immediately. Try to submit your book to the newspapers? It's almost a futility, with all the literary froth floating around in this ocean of books. Also, if you take a look at all the newspapers around the world, you discover that sex and horoscopes are far more interesting than non-fiction books that try to help you understand the world around you.

Despite all this, I'm determined to make it as a writer. I've got many different subjects up my sleeve. I'm already writing my third book, which is a speculative work concerning the future of mankind, space travel and an idea that some of us call ecomodernism.

To give you some perspective, I only need to sell about 4000 books a year in order to be able to feed the kids as well. And if I manage to sell more, I will finally get the resources required for professional marketing and paid proofreaders and an editor, whom is already tagged...

Added perspective, the royalty on a book or e-book is less than 2 dollars per unit. So it isn't a "get rich quickly scheme". I'd rather get involved with my readers and learn new stuff, and make new friends. While in the process of being a writer I don't want to be worrying about the future of my kids or the [financial] stability of my family.

I was walking around, bidding my time crafting this message for weeks. I almost pressed delete once, and it took me quite some courage to go ahead, regardless...

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