Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Google search result on "dinosaur extinction" points to ridiculous creationist website.

Creationism is some sort of pseudo scientific quackery foisted upon gullible people in order to keep the "christian dream" of the supposed truth of the bible going.

"Answers in genesis" is a website dedicated to making connections between nature and the bible. There is of course no correlation between biblical myths and reality, even if these people whish it...

Google, for some unapparent reason, has given "Answers in genesis" the top spot for the "what happened to the dinosaurs" search. This is of course ridiculous. What is more, the book "What really happened to the dinosaurs?" written by Ken Ham is being advertised right next to the search result.

For accurate and highly probable answers to this question I refer you to :
The Smithsonian

The Natural History Museum

BBC Nature

These are probably quite accurate descriptions to what happened on Earth that made a lot of the dinosaurs go extinct. Did all the dinosaurs go extinct? Probably not, modern day birds are descendants of the dinosaurs as can be seen here :
AronRa debates a creationist and shows clear evidence for feathered dinosaurs

Information provided by The Natural History Museum

An interview with a Chinese palaeontologist

What can we do?

Press the feedback button below Google's "search result", click the "incorrect" box and then type a short argumentation in the feedback box. Don't forget to press the "send" button after you're ready.

This unscientific nonsense does not deserve a top spot on a scientific subject in google.

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