Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome to the world of reason

As a militant atheist [thank you Richard Dawkins, your TED speech was very inspiring] I'm always on the lookout for signs that "our side" is winning. What is our side? Many people like to say that unbelievers, agnostics and atheists are like a herd of cats. This is true to some extent, yet I'm quite confident that we are far more alike than all of us dare to admit.

I think that calling ourselves atheists is a necessity, we need to call out to the superstitious people, we need to call out to our fellow mammalian primates, we have to make it known what our stance in life is.

We can do amazing things, we do not need religion, we do not an elusive sky dad, we have no need for supreme leaders or superimposing doctrines and dogmas.

I as an atheist have a beautiful family, people whom I love dearly, people that inspire me greatly and I also am moved by things like music, art, sports and above all intelligence. I love intelligent people! People like Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens for instance. Bertrand Russel, Stephen Hawking, etc. etc. the list is endless.

A news story that reached me recently was that the "non affiliated" Americans has almost grown bigger than any other religious group in the United states, it looks like it is going to happen, this year or the next if the trend continues. The US is one of the most influential countries in the world, there are certain things I absolutely do not like about the US, but there are also things that I love about the US. And the news that "WE" the nonbelievers are overtaking all the other religious factions in the US is great news and I'm excited about it. It shows that we can build a more reasonable and less dogmatic world.

I'm absolutely confident that by the spread of an unrestricted Internet across the world will help the spread of non-belief. It will eventually help humanity grow up, help it throw down the shackles of superstition, the manacles of doctrinal capture, of dogmatism and harm done in the name of religion.

People with sceptical minds who use their critical faculties, who have access to the internet and can speak and link up with other people will join "our movement", I'm absolutely confident they will. They will acknowledge that religion is nothing more than age old superstition, stories from a savage age propagated through time, warped in translation and eventually hi-jacked by institutions to impose crooked rules and laws on people.

Let's grow out of this childish and backwards belief!

And I end this short article with a small film of Christopher Hitchens.

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