Saturday, May 2, 2015

The stupendous beauty of space

I have been fascinated with cosmology for ages, it all started with Star Wars and Star Trek to be honest. I loved the idea that people would be able to zoom around through space and go to different planets.

The Hubble telescope has truly lit the fire under my cosmic imagination. The wonders of space are amazing and stupefying. Supernova remnants, nebulas and beautiful spiral galaxies are mind bogglingly beautiful and majestic.

The idea that we are made from star stuff is enthralling, a giant star died and ended in a supernova, seeding the elements necessary for our solar system to arise, for all life on Earth to arise.

Let's have a look at a "minute part" of this magnificence!!! The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula have gotten a small 3D rendering.

Space is the place where our civilization has to go eventually, if we make it out of our current growing pains. It is up we must go, it is out there where our future lies. But first we need to grow up, work on gaining more knowledge, set our petty differences aside and develop a bigger technical fortitude.
A breath-taking video of a space-walk at the ISS.
Humanity is currently looking outward, trying to make sense of what is happening out there, and what is out there.
Let me finish with the fact that we on Earth are in trouble, we've upset the Carbon and Hydrological cycles significantly, precipitating an increase in heat and droughts, I could go into explaining all of this, suffice it to say that I will do so later on.

We are on the verge of seeing what will happen, but we need to keep increasing our observational capacities in order to remain knowledgeable about the state of our Earth. Not if a couple of American Senators have any say in it... People who are now in seats of office where they can influence what happens at NASA for instance. A terrifying prospect!

cutting NASA's earth science budget is short sighted and a threat

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